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Life is in the balance with SHAW Balance training.

This week some of Patera's management team attended a workshop which has helped us find that correct balance between work and life! It got us thinking and trying to find answers to some life changing questions.

Carl Ward, who is the Director of company SHAW Balance Limited had this to say about his course;

"SHAW Balance Ltd offers a one day awareness workshop based on the importance of a healthy work-life balance. The day is interactive and looks at the many things that influence us to take on more than time allows, we also explore the way we communicate not only verbally and physically but also in a mindful way as this can impact our balance and that of others. I believe that a healthy work-life balance plays a major part in all that we do or set out to accomplish, and by having a stabilised health and work-life comes huge benefits and can also be rewarding not only for the individual but also for the business.

Having a work-life balance doesn't mean we need to be doing more or less hours at work, it's about assessing all that we do and making the necessary changes to get that balance right. We can sometimes get caught up in something so much, that it then takes up most of our time and we can soon find ourselves starting to forget or even neglect some of the other things we have to manage on a daily basis such as our families, social life, finances and more importantly our health. We all lead busy lives and have jobs and careers to maintain along with general other daily activities, but these should never be at a cost to our health or in some cases the health of others.

The workshop isn't based on any one particular industry and the concept is very diverse, with the main objective of bringing the importance of a healthy work-life balance to the forefront of all that we do. It focuses on helping individuals to recognise and accept if their balance is not right, it encourages them to make some simple self-assessments along with some self-help remedies. Some of the remedies can be used as the first steps to help reduce or even prevent any need for occupational health intervention or other medical guidance."

Team Patera at the SHAW Balance workshop

From my personal experience on this course I felt it was refreshing and thought provoking. It kind of got me thinking of how my actions affected other people in the office and also how I should consider my actions at home. Maybe I should support my partner more when she is feeling the stresses of work, listen more to her worries. But also, be more positive when I get home from a bad day, leave work at work. Spread the joy!

One of the people attending the course was Patera's own Operation Manager Darren Clarke, here's his thoughts on the workshop:

"Going into the training, I was a bit sceptical on what I would be able to take from the day, however within the first session I was very pleasantly surprised at the information provided and knowledge of the facilitator on work-life balance and by the end of the day I left feeling much better about the way I approach my work-life balance, and what effects that has on myself and people around me."

Finally, this is what Shaun Lees, Patera Engineering Managing Director had to say about the course:

"Having known Carl for 10 years now I truly believe that he is an exceptional individual when it comes to managing people. The days training session reinforced this entirely.

It was enlightening for myself and more so, I believe, for my Team to see how they opened up about their experiences. This is a humbling experience for any “Boss” as it really does drive home that there should be a true work life balance for all.

I have no doubt whatsoever that we all took something positive from the day and that we will all benefit from such training in the future too."

So, if you would be interested in getting your workforce on the SHAW Balance workshop contact Carl on 01604 880297 or check out their website

You won't regret it.


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