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Patera sponsor Birches Head Academy for KMF Young Engineer of the Year.

We at Patera have always had an interest in supporting the local schools and helping mould the future generation of the city. Our Managing Director has been on the board of governors for the local high school Birches Head Academy since 2011. He has dedicated a lot of time and experience to the cause. But this year he is taking it one step further by sponsoring the schools entry to KMF Young Engineer of the Year 2018.

KMF's Young Engineer of the Year (YEOTY), is now entering into its sixth year. Following five extremely successful projects.

The project is aimed to challenge year 10 students to Design and Build an F24 Greenpower Electric Car, capture the experience and race against other teams and schools in the area.

YEOTY is about proving the next generation with the skills needed by industry, it addresses the STEM skills gap and opens up career paths for student within our local area.

Birches Head Academy have been involved with YEOTY since its initial conception and see it as a prestigious and exciting competition that is of great value for the students.

Last year a member of the Patera family was on the winning team and we are hoping for similar result this year. The team of 10 students representing Birches Head Academy have given themselves a name of 'The Mechanix'.

So, just how are things progressing at the moment? I hear you ask. Patera, along side all the other sponsors attended the first build day in November, which was held at Staffordshire University. This gave everyone a chance to learn more about battery utilisation, aerodynamics, which materials could be best put to use, power to weight ratio and of course safety.

All teams have been given a frame, battery and electrics to work with. Its then up to them to decide which materials to use. Patera will be assisting with materials and design and construction of the car.

Mr Lambert from Birches Head Academy gives us an update on progress so far.

"Our current Year 10 YEOTY 18 team have put together the frame of the car and have started to assemble the smaller elements of the vehicle. The current work that needs completing is the wiring in order for the car to run. We are hoping that this will be completed over the next few weeks to ensure that trial runs can start. As well as the car, the students need to produce a portfolio of some kind to log the journey they have taken during the project. This is in the form of a blog and the students will use this to show how they have been involved in the project."

"The students will also use this opportunity to raise money for charity with sponsorship and decoration of the car body and will look to do this in school."

I will be updating you all on the progress, with the next event taking place in March. The students will be testing there cars around the local Velodrome.

Watch this space!


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